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PLO The Big Play Strategy

Autor: | 18/11/2011

Daca Ciafone ne-a prezentat bazele jocului iar R.Slotboom ne-a fost ghid pentru jocul shortstack, Hwang ne invata
sa jucam full ring deep Omaha. Evident, daca intelegem cartea (si nu e greu) putem sa aplicam si online si sa ajustam pentru 6max.

Gasim si 50 de situatii si hand quizzes. A doua jumatate a cartii este pentru Limit/PL Omaha Hi/lo split.

Fiind un must buy (la cit costa), va las placerea sa o cititi si o sa dau citeva citate.

“I’m Going to tell you a little secret. PLO is not a 50-50 game.

Our goal is to hit the following:

1. The Nut Straight Freeroll
2. The Nut Full House Freeroll
3. Overfull vs. Underfull
4. Set-over-Set
5. Flush Over Flush
6. Top Set-Plus Draws
7. Dominating Draws

PLO Key Concepts

1. Win opponents’ entire stacks
2. Recalibrate your expectations: The hands run bigger in Omaha
3. While starting hands in PLO are all technically close in value heads up, there is a wide disparity between the kinds of hands
that win big pots and those that don’t in multiway pots
4. Omaha is a flop game, even more so than hold’em
5. We are not necessarily looking to flop the best hand, but rather a hand we can take to the river
6. Draw only to the nuts
7. The bare nut flush draw has limited value
8. Bare eight-card straight draws are trash
9. Focus on the quality of outs, rather than the quantity of outs
10. Don’t give free cards
11. Good table position is extremely valuable
12. Build the pot early with your big hands and big draws
13. The more players in the pot, the less poker you play
14. Give the opponent credit for having what he represents ”



1. The Big Play Objectives
2. Basic Play and Key Concepts
3. The Straight Draws
4. Starting Hands and Pre-Flop Play
5. After the Flop
6. Situations and Practice-Hand Quizzes
7. Miscellaneous Topics
8. Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Split
9. Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Split


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